Dr. O. Carl Simonton (MD) was a specialist in radiation medicine and oncology, director of the Simonton Cancer Center in California.

simonton KasselAs a pioneer of psycho-oncology, Dr. Simonton worked for more than 30 years with cancer patients who wanted to actively support their own recovery process. The beneficial work he has developed is a chance to increase the likelihood of healing. Scientific studies have impressively demonstrated the effect of psycho-oncological support for patients. Based on the realization that one’s emotional state contributes significantly to one’s success of healing, Dr. Simonton developed his training program, in which he collected effective methods from different philosophical and psychological schools. It was important to him to use techniques that worked quickly and helped the participants of his seminars feel better emotionally and physically. The aim of Simonton training is to activate the self-healing powers and increase the quality of life.

His work is of international importance for the counseling and support of cancer patients. Essential elements of his philosophy and techniques influence the practical consulting work in the field of "psycho-oncology" across the United States of America, Europe and Japan.

Dr. O. Carl Simonton died on June 18, 2009.He died in full consciousness with his family, friends and his beloved dog Stella around him. During his death meditation, he breathed peacefully into the other world.

We have all taken part in his wonderful work through our shared experiences with him. His teachings, techniques and healing principles are a treasure that death cannot take away from us. Let us carry on his wisdom, messages and love for people. We will continue his work in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.