The Simonton Method is a program for people who are diagnosed with cancer, other illnesses and for those who support them.

The Simonton Method is an effective, proven approach for strengthening the self-healing forces. It provides support for people who want to be proactive of their healing process and optimize the effectiveness of their treatment during or after.

For many people, a cancer diagnosis can be a shock causing them to feel desperate or helpless. Some may feel defeated, become angry or very combative. While others might remain clearheaded and alert.

While many have full confidence in their physicians, others feel powerless and at the mercy of something that is out of their hands.

Although, people seemingly react differently to a cancer diagnosis, it is common, in most cases, that the illness becomes the central theme in their own life and in the lives of those around them. Ordinary life suddenly comes to a standstill and people are confronted with things that they are generally unprepared for. 

Numerous individuals feel overwhelmed by treatment protocols from doctors. They have many questions and thoughts on having to make decisions they don’t feel knowledgeable about. Some of the most common questions are:

  • What consequences will my choice have on me and my life?
  • Do I have to submit to treatments that cause dread and fear in me?
  • Are there other possibilities or options out there?

It’s no wonder that people feel powerless as if they have been thrown into middle of the sea without a life jacket. 

In order to avoid this sense of helplessness, it is important to become well informed. Medical journals, literature and the internet provide us many possibilities to learn more about the latest research and well-tested medical treatments being used for some cancers.

Dr. Simonton used to say, "The mind is a wonderful instrument, but it shouldn't reign alone." In a decision-making process, we first obtain the information that we need, second, we find a quiet place, and third, we make a decision based on what feels ‘right.’

Unfortunately, to date, there are no treatments that can guarantee a 100% cure. Neither conventional medicine nor alternative treatments can provide this certainty. However, we do know that the road to healing is an individual path. What works for one person may not necessarily benefit another.

Our inner convictions and beliefs play an important role with regard to our wellbeing. Studies have shown with regard to the placebo and nocebo effects that those things we have faith and believe in help.

One thing we know for sure that is helpful besides a healthy diet, adequate exercise and avoiding polluting environments is to have joy in life. To spend time doing things that makes us feel good. To cherish optimistic thoughts and to find inner peace. Another important factor is to have confidence in the (treating doctors- not sure it’s the correct way of saying this) and their medications.

With our work, we would like to support and guide your ship through uncharted waters. Our aim is to help you maintain your autonomy, develop hope, trust and connect with your own inner voice.

What you can do to empower yourself:

  • Influence the recovery process. “Even if it's only two percent that I have influence over, I want use it. Even though I don't know how to do it yet, I am strengthening my intention.”
  • Gather information from sources you trust.
  • Putting your own needs at the heart of your perception: "First, I want to learn to be aware of myself and my needs. Second, I want to become aware of the needs and expectations of others. And finally, I decide how to deal with both."
  • Take time for yourself. “I will allow myself time to do the activities that make me feel good.”
  • If you take the time to participate in the Simonton program and get involved, you will experience the impact on your personal situation. Examples of positive results:
  • Greater life energy and improving health
  • Increased motivation to live and the strengthening of hope and trust
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Insight into one's own stress patterns
  • Effective handling of daily stress
  • Reduction of anxiety and pain
  • Be more in tune with your own nature, follow your inner path
  • Become aware of your own needs and meet them
  • Organize a good support system
  • Maintain a healthy exchange about the disease and its meaning
  • Discover positive side effects of the illness and give them space in a healthy life
  • Improving the quality of life with everything that is part of the current life situation
  • Plan to grow old and be ready to die
  • Develop inner peace and feelings of calm and serenity

By dealing with these topics and applying the corresponding exercises, you get closer to your own inner nature. This allows you to make a significant contribution to strengthening your self-healing powers and optimally supporting your body.